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  • Celf yn y Caffi / Art in the Bar

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  • Q&A with Efa Blosse Mason about Cwch Deilen (Leaf Boat)

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    Please watch Efa's lovely short film before joining the discussion
    Cwch Deilen (The Leaf Boat)
    Wales | 2019 | 9’ | NC | Efa Blosse-Mason
    Love can be scary, but it can also one of life’s great adventures. Heledd and Celyn navigate the undiscovered and murky waters of entering a new relationship a...

  • Singing The Subject

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    Ancient Greek & Sumerian love stories shared through the West Walian choral tradition Canu’r Pwnc form the heart of Singing the Subject: a fascinating music trilogy presented by August 012.

    Mae straeon serch hynafol Gwlad Roeg a Sumeria...

  • Chapter MovieMaker

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    Chapter MovieMaker is our monthly showcase of short films and conversations with the people who made them. For more information about future screenings, check out our Facebook page+group, Twitter feed (@chptrmoviemaker), or email moviem[email protected]. All genres and experience levels are welcome!