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  • Q&A with Efa Blosse Mason about Cwch Deilen (Leaf Boat)

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    Please watch Efa's lovely short film before joining the discussion
    Cwch Deilen (The Leaf Boat)
    Wales | 2019 | 9’ | NC | Efa Blosse-Mason
    Love can be scary, but it can also one of life’s great adventures. Heledd and Celyn navigate the undiscovered and murky waters of entering a new relationship a...

  • The Bridge

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    From Cables & Cameras in Bristol and Chapter MovieMaker in Cardiff, this online event is a cross-collaboration between Creatives and POC Filmmakers from Wales, Bristol and Birmingham. 
    This is the first cross over between three regions and the opportunity to explore and build bridges to uni...

  • Singing The Subject

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    Ancient Greek & Sumerian love stories shared through the West Walian choral tradition Canu’r Pwnc form the heart of Singing the Subject: a fascinating music trilogy presented by August 012.

    Mae straeon serch hynafol Gwlad Roeg a Sumeria...

  • Concrete Plans test

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  • Chapter MovieMaker

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    Chapter MovieMaker is our monthly showcase of short films and conversations with the people who made them. All genres and experience levels are welcome! For more information, check out our Facebook page+group, Twitter feed (@chptrmoviemaker), or email